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Line6 AMPLIFi 75

Classic combo amps. Modern workflows.

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    75 watts
    8” custom speaker
    2 mid-frequency drivers
    2 high-frequency drivers
    1/4” Guitar input and 1/8” Stereo Aux input
    1/4” Headphone output
    Tap tempo/tuner
    4 onboard presets (access unlimited presets via app)
    Stereo Wet/Dry Effects for immersive sound
    Compatible with Line 6 FBV Express MkII, FBV Shortboard MkII and FBV 3 foot controllers
    Access 100 onboard presets via FBV Shortboard MKII (access unlimited presets via app)
    Toggle individual effects on and off within a single preset via FBV
    USB connection
    Bluetooth streaming audio (compatible with Android, iOS and Mac or PC)