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Db Moving One H Band 7-ISM Vedi a schermo intero

Db Moving One H Band 7-ISM


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Moving one combines the best of analog tradition with the contribution of digital technology.

It provides a more noise-free and interference-free audio signal in any situation.


Digital Code Squelch Technology

In addition to the audio data, the system handles further telemetry information, like system on/off and charge level of transmitter battery.


Main advantages of Digital Code Squelch technology:

- Squelch adjustments are no longer necessary

- It prevents any interference to enter the receiver when transmitter is turned off

- It allows the use of more than 8 wireless microphones simultaneously for each band


Improved Diversity Technology

- Diversity system with digital-assisted antenna selection and monolithic-chip switch circuitry

- This technology guarantees a virtually inaudible switching between the two antennas


Automatic free-frequency research

- The system automatically searches for free frequencies and, in case of disturbed channels, a LED flashes indicating the presence of interference

The selected frequency of the receiver is then sent to the transmitter via infrared with a simple operation


Infrared Rx/Tx setup communication system

- Once you set the operating frequencies on the receiver, you can automatically setup the transmitter through the on-board infrared communication system, avoiding boring manual procedures


Compliance with international standards

- Moving-one complies with European and American/Canadian standards

  • 5 frequency bands (518 – 865 MHz) available
  • 25 MHz wide bands with 80 channels (10 groups x 8 channels)
  • Diversity system with automatic free-frequency research
  • Up to 8 channels per band can run simultaneously without interference
  • It is possible to increase the number of channels by using multiple bands
  • Digital Code Squelch for extremely quiet power on/off operation and no squelch adjustments needed
  • 90m receiving distance (in absence of interference and as the crow flies)
  • 30Hz - 19kHz [+/- 2dB] frequency response
  • 110dB S/N ratio [A-weighted]


Moving one HT

- Moving one receiver

Handheld transmitter

- External power adapter and 2x 1,5V AA type batteries