The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:30. OPEN ALL DAY - Closed Thursday and Sunday all day.

Can I buy by mail ?

We ship all over Italy including the islands .
Orders can be sent via phone (059 364114) , fax (059 379040) or e-mail ( ) .
Advance payment by bank transfer and fax a copy of the book .
COD Cash on Delivery (Euro 5 to add shipping charges ) .
Deliveries are made by courier SDA with code traceability ' .
Can I buy taking advantage of installment payments ?

You can take advantage of installment payments with the formula FIDITALIA .


All those who are aged between 18 and 70 years.
The categories are eligible :
a. employees
b . freelancers
c . self-employed
d. retired

In some cases they are also allowed, housewives and students .

Documents required for applying for funding:

Identity document
Health Card
IBAN + Copy of a user paid (electricity, water , telephone or gas)
Document of income :
- > A. Lav . Employees: at least 12 months of employment at the same job , copy last paycheck
-> B . Professionals / Lav . Self-employed : Copies Single Link + tax payment receipt
-> C . Retired : copy last payslip or pension Mod 0 BIS - M
For non-EU citizens , in addition to the above-mentioned documents are required at least 24 months of employment at the same job , Permit valid residence and proof of paid users (phone , gas, electricity etc. . )


Debit in a giro account Postepay
By debit to bank account ( RID)

NOTE : In both cases , the first installment shall begin 30 days after the date of liquidation of the loan.
Can I trade one or more tools to buy more ?

In exchange withdraw any type of musical instrument used . The evaluations are made after inspection of the same . Do not carry out evaluations on the phone .

Can I order one or more instruments that you have available in the store ?

The products are not available in the store can be purchased from importers of the same.
And ' required to pay a deposit when the order which will be deducted at the time of delivery and the balance thereof by the customer .

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