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Native Instruments Maschine Custom Kit Vedi a schermo intero

Native Instruments Maschine Custom Kit

Make your MASCHINE match your style. With the MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS, you can customize the new MASCHINE hardware to suit your own taste.

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Made of light but resilient aluminum, and available in five coordinated color schemes, each kit contains a magnetic faceplate and one set of corresponding, ergonomically-designed colored knobs. Alongside your hardware’s multi-color pads, the MASCHINE CUSTOM KIT is sure to add some color to your performance.


Each CUSTOM KIT contains:

1 magnetic faceplate, made of brushed aluminum with a high-quality, gig-proof finish
8 aluminum encoder knobs and 1 master knob
Cap remover

Note that MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS can only be used with the MASCHINE MK2 hardware (black or white edition).