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Music Man BFR StingRay 5 Bass Ginger Burst

Music Man BFR StingRay 5 Bass Ginger Burst

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The backbone of rock 'n' roll. The Music Man BFR StingRay 5 Bass presents a sensational instrument that's ready for the modern stage. Producing all the punching clarity that Music Mans are renowned for, the StingRay 5 comes fitted with a single neodymium humbucker. But don't be fooled. Because one pickup is more than enough to drive your sound through the mix, and provide those warm, rich bass tones that defined the rock 'n' roll genre. Not to mention the integrated active preamp and 3-band EQ, gifting you with total control of your instrument's unique voice.

But it's not just the sound that makes the StingRay so special. A sleek rosewood fretboard lets your fingers glide across the surface for effortless transitions between your bass licks. It's layered onto a sculpted roasted maple neck, fitting snug in the palm of your hand so you can hold your groove for endless practice and performance. Topped off with a stylish ginger burst finish and the classic pickguard design, the StingRay 5 showcases elite craftsmanship in absolutely every element. And you can feel it with every note you play.

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