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Celtic Irish Punk Rock Band

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batterista valuta proposte

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Sonor SMF 11 Combo Set WM 13070 Brushed Chrome Vedi a schermo intero

Sonor SMF 11 Combo Set WM 13070 Brushed Chrome

Sonor SMF 11 Combo Set WM 13070 Brushed Chrome

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17200018 SMF 11 Combo Set WM 13070 Smart Force Drum Kit, Chrome, Sonor

The right start.
The Smart Force drum unit is designed specifically for beginners and has an uncompromisingly attractive price. Extremely interesting for future rockers, jazzmen, metal or blues enthusiasts ... and all other drummers looking for a solid and versatile setup.

The sound.
A shell of nine layers of poplar gives the Smart Force drums a rich, balanced sound with a huge amount of power.

Shell design.
The poplar shell provides maximum strength, perfect bending and neutrality of adjustment, thanks to the use of technology of cross-plywood without voltage (CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process). The outer coating is very strong and durable, and the quality of its performance is impeccable.

Shell thickness.
9 layers of wood for bass drum, tom drums, floor tom and snare drum = 7.2mm.

Bass Drum Bracket - Smooth operation, tight fixation.
Smart Force Series bass drums come with a bracket. Due to the even and strong application of pressure, its inner part is very strong and reliable.

The bass drum legs are always a solid support, wherever you are!

With a simple twist, you can choose the base of the bass drum legs: metal or plastic. The position is fixed with a screw.

Muffling plastic bass drum.
The muffling working and resonant plastics of the bass drum provide versatile powerful sound and dynamic “kicks”. Plastics are manufactured by REMO.

Logs with TuneSafe technology - attract attention, Sonor design.
New lags with fine-tuning capabilities and TuneSafe to prevent loosening the set screws. For a beginner, this means that the tuned drum remains so for a very long time.

The dual tom drum holder is durable and easily customizable.
With the tried and tested Ball Clamp system, tom drums can be firmly secured in the position the drummer wishes.

Reinforced racks - strong and stable.

Drum Kit:
1 x 18 '' x 16 '' Bass Drum
1 x Tom Drum 10 '' x 8 ''
1 x Tom Drum 12 '' x 9 ''
1 x Floor Tom 14 '' x 14 ''
1 x Snare Drum 14 '' x 5.5 ''

1 x Single Bass Drum Pedal
1 x Hi-hat cymbal rack
1 x Stand for snare drum
1 x Dual Tom Drum Holder
1 x Dish Rack

Shell material: poplar.
9 layers of wood.
Shell Thickness: 7.2mm.
Edge: 45 °.
Shell coating: chrome color, black hardware, Brushed Chrome 13070 black HW.
Lags: TuneSafe.

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