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Db EME One In Ear Monitor System Band 2 Vedi a schermo intero

Db EME One In Ear Monitor System Band 2

EME One is a new concept wireless In Ear Monitor system by dBTechnologies and the name is acronym of Ear Monitor Evolution One.

194-204 Mhz

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Why “Evolution”?

The actual worldwide radio frequency scenario in UHF band is extremely crowded and complex for all wireless microphone and IEM (In Ear Monitor) users, because the same frequencies are shared with Digital Television and new generation Internet communications.

For the end user it is very hard to find “free space” to use any kind of wireless microphone; an even more difficult task is to use, in addition, other frequencies for wireless IEM on the same stage.

With EME One we have made a turning point in this field using the VHF band instead UHF.
In fact this system works from 170 MHz to 230 MHz.
The VHF band today is more interference free compared to UHF and moreover it is completely out of UHF band (470 - 790 MHz), for this reason EME One can be used on stage in a multichannel way with other UHF systems, without interference and conflict with wireless microphones.

Moreover the audio quality is without compromise; this IEM implements an innovative Digital Code Squelch which transmits coded data information simultaneously to audio signal.

The receiver “opens” the audio simply by a coded transmitter on the same frequency; this digital data stream also allows completely noiseless turn on and turn off operations. 

To complete this IEM we have included a custom top quality In Ear Headphone “Fire One” by beyerdynamic, with amazing definition and an impressive sound pressure level.



Band of frequencyVHF 170 - 230 MHz
divided into 3 bands of 10 MHz

ModulationFM with Digital Code subcarriers

RF Power20 mW

RF architectureMicroprocessor controlled PLL

Audio Inputs2 X MIC/LINE inputs
with built in 2 ch. audio mixer

Channels8 channels for each band
intermodulation free calculated

Power supplyuniversal plug 100 to 250 VAC
to 12V - 200mA DC

Antennaloaded fixed stylus



Band of frequencyVHF 170 - 230 MHz
divided into 3 bands of 10 MHz

Sensitivity-90 dBm for 85 dB S/N
weighted “A”

Supply9V battery 6LR61

Autonomy6 - 7 hours with medium volume
regulation alkaline battery

Channels8 channels for each band
intermodulation free calculated

Audio Inputs6.3 mm jack for monitoring
electric guitars 

Audio Outputs3 mm jack
for 12 ohms In Ear Headphone

S/N “A” weighted104 dB

Antennaloaded fixed stylus 


HeadphonesFire One 12 Ohm
custom headphone by beyerdynamic
with foam ear tips

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