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Chitarrista offresi

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2018-06-01 14:40:57
organ squad cercano bassista

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2018-05-28 18:51:57
tastierista cercasi

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Revival e DanceElettonica

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2018-05-16 21:35:44
rob rock tribute band

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2018-05-14 16:25:48

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TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo Vedi a schermo intero

TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo

TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo

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The widely anticipated Pipeline Tap Tremolo takes the vintage warmth that made the tremolo effect so iconic and pairs it with a modern edge for more radical situations.

Pipeline has both soft Vintage sine waves and solid Square blocks available at the flick of a switch and with up to 6 dBs of boost you'll never sound thin or deflated.

The footswitch is tap tempo-enabled for fast tempo adjustments and the Subdivision knob lets you splice the tempo into seven inspiring rhythmic accents.

And last but not least - it's TonePrint-enabled, giving you an endless array of possibilities in a little box that won't put a ding in your board.

    Vintage and Square Modes
    Tap Tempo
    Customizeable tremolo shapes and sequences

Custom Carved Barrels

The Custom mode lets you program your own subdivision pattern.

Using the free TonePrint Editor, you can sequence up to 4 bars of different subdivisions for a copacetic quilt of tremolo chunks.

It could be two bars of 8th notes, third bar is 16th notes, and the fourth bar is 32nd notes. Or the other way around!

Release your inner dubstep demon or practice your robo-vocabulary for the technological singularity!
Tap Tempo and Drop In

With tap tempo and a versatile subdivision knob, you have all of your rhythmic proclivities on board and easy to get. We loaded the tap function into the standard footswitch so it won't eat too much pedalboard space.

Just hold down the footswitch for two seconds, light turns green, and you can tap the tempo you want.

After that, use the Subdivision knob to give your tremolo the right rhythmic stutter, befitting the situation.
Trim the Surf with TonePrint

Using the mini toggle switch you can unlock a wealth of chilled-out TonePrints from our local tribe of tone surfers.

Using TonePrint Editor will fold out the Pipeline like a toolbox of tremolo.

For example, you can mix two different tremolo pulses for super gnarly and eccentric curve shapes.
Each pulse can have its own individual shape, speed and phase.

This makes it possible to emulate the classic light bulb based opto-tremolos, like the Shin Ei Univibe, with its "double dip"-shaped waves.

Pipeline Tap Tremolo's Resume

    Vintage and Square tremolo modes
    Tap Tempo footswitch
    Seven rhythmic subdivisions
    6 dBs of volume boost

    Sequence 4 bars of different subdivisions
    TonePrint Editor allows in-depth manipulation of tremolo shapes
    Combine 2 tremolo curves for a unique custom shape

    High quality components
    Road-ready design
    True Bypass or Buffered Bypass

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