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Boss CEB-3 Vedi a schermo intero

Boss CEB-3

Boss CEB-3 bass chorus

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81,15 €

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This great chorus pedal is designed specifically to accommodate the range and applications for the electric bass. To avoid muddiness, the effected frequency range can be accurately controlled using the low filter knob.

Specifically designed for bass applications.

Low filter knob to avoid muddiness.

Stereo or mono outputs.

From subtle detuning to rich, spacious chorus.

AC adapter or 9V battery operation.

5-year warranty.

About Boss Pedals
The history of Boss reads like the history of guitar effects. From their legendary CE-1 chorus pedal (the big gray box that started it all) to the world's favorite line of compact pedals, they've been responsible for more guitar innovations than just about anyone else.

Boss's compact pedal line-up began in 1977 with the classic OD-1 Overdrive. Its warm, smooth overdrive sounds and breakthrough Boss pedal features (heavy-duty construction, rubber pads on top and bottom, recessed control knobs, silent switching, a built-in LED, and easy battery replacement) immediately set it apart from other stomp boxes on the market. It established the masterful design for all other Boss effects pedals since.

Throughout the years, Boss has continued to define the cutting edge of guitar effects. Double-layer circuit boards allowed pedals like the DD-5 Digital Delay to deliver studio-quality effects comparable to rackmount units. They recently brought bassists and guitarists the first bass synthesizer in a compact pedal, the SYB-3. On their 20th anniversary they proudly introduced the OD-3 Overdrive, a pedal that takes the smooth, dynamic overdriven tones of the legendary OD-1 to a whole new level. Like all Boss products, it is a level of sound quality and durability that is unrivaled.

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