LD Systems Stinger Mix 6 G2 Set 2


2 x speaker stand with transport bag and speaker cable 10 m for STINGER MIX 6 (A) G2


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This set consists of two robust speaker stands for the MIX 6 (A) G2 speakers, a 10 metre long speaker cable (Jack) and a high-quality, padded transport bag for both speaker stands.

The speaker cable is intended to connect the passive fullrange model Stinger MIX 6 G2 to the Stinger MIX 6 A G2 for slave use.

Product number: LDMIX6G2SET2
speaker tripod  
Material: steel
Height: 1100 – 1800mm
Tube diameter: 25 / 30mm
Max. load: 12kg
Additional information: robust construction, for 16 mm flange
Speaker Cables  
Type: 6.3 mm Jack mono to 6.3 mm Jack mono
Cable diameter: 6.8mm
Length: 10m
Carrying Bag for speaker stands  
Material of transport bag: padded, tear-resistant Nylon
Colour: black
Weight: 7.2kg

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 5 kg


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